Dianne Bailey & Dr. Evan Osar


About Dianne Bailey

As a fitness professional, martial artist, and owner of a successful personal training studio in Denver, Dianne is passionate about creating the best opportunities for the mature adult to enjoy health and fitness.This passion has led her to create a system for learning Tai Chi which will empower fitness professionals to be able to offer this amazing form of exercise to their clientele and help others learn this wonderful form of “movement meditation.”

Dianne is the author of three books:

Eating Simply
Open the Door to Tai Chi . . . Tai Chi for the Everyday Person
Healthy, Happy and Fit – Ageless Exercise to enjoy Your Best Years Yet

Dianne is a CSCS, a Functional Aging Specialist, and a Certified Tai Chi Instructor. She has presented the benefits of Tai Chi at the Functional Aging Summit, ICAA Conference, and Fitness Fest. In her engaging, easy-going yet commanding style, she hopes to encourage people to include Tai Chi in their offerings.

About Dr. Evan Osar

Dr. Evan Osar is an internationally recognized specialist on assessment, corrective exercise, and injury prevention. He has authored Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunction and Amazon #1 Best Seller, The Psoas Solution. He developed the Integrative Movement System™, an evidence-based approach to injury prevention, using exercise to enhance recovery after injury, and athletic performance. Dr. Osar is currently in private practice in South Milwaukee, WI, and is an adjunct faculty member at Rocky Mountain University of Health Sciences. He teaches his proprietary approach to health and fitness professionals that specialize in rehabilitation and corrective exercise, medical fitness, as well as posture and movement education. Dr. Osar’s mission is to empower individuals to achieve health and longevity through proper posture, movement, and exercise.

Posture, Balance, and Walking Solution for Older Adults

Your older clients want to be active and live long, productive lives. They also need improved posture, balance, and walking to accomplish their goals. You need the best approach to educate your clients that incorporate simple and easy to implement corrective exercises and a way to seamlessly integrate this into your current programs. Posture, Balance, and Walking Solution is a one-day intensive program to provide you exactly what you need to know about the science of posture, balance, and walking while incorporating the timeless wisdom and practicality of Tai Chi. Dr. Evan Osar, developer of the Integrative Movement System™ and Dianne Bailey, Tai Chi Master, have combined their 40+ years of experience into an incredible one-day interactive workshop. You will leave this workshop with a blueprint for putting your knowledge into application so that you help more of your current clients and attract more older adults with your skills.


1 - Learn the 3 easiest assessments to identify your client’s current posture, balance, and walking strategy.

2 - Learn the 3 best corrective exercises and 3 Tai Chi sequences for improving posture, balance and walking.

3 - Gain the ability to incorporate assessments, corrective and functional exercises, and Tai Chi sequences so you can confidently work with clients of any age and abilities while creating both short and long-term changes in posture, balance and walking


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