Aimee Nicotera

Aimee Nicotera

About Aimee Nicotera

Aimee Nicotera is an international fitness presenter and Virtual Studio Owner with over 25 years of experience. Aimee has served in roles including health coach, high school health educator, corporate wellness advisor, and fitness director. Aimee has extensive experience creating and developing group fitness programs, as well as consulting, researching, and writing for fitness companies, including Spartan, Life Time, and MOSSA. Aimee is always exploring ways to create innovative fitness and wellness experiences. Aimee holds a BS in Nutrition Science, a Masters in Health Education, as well as numerous certifications, including those from ACSM, ACE, and AFAA. In addition, Aimee is a Level 2 Applied Health & Human Performance Specialist through the Institute of Motion. She is the creator of the fitness DVD series 2X2 Conditioning and Take 20!, as well as the format E5 COLLECTIVE.

Resistance Band Revolution: Powered by E5 Collective®

Explore a variety of ways that the Anchor Point Training loop bands can be used to enhance both loaded and non-loaded multi-planar movement, as well as loaded and non-loaded linear training drills. This 30-minute session includes programming that is easily regressed or progressed to accommodate various abilities, in addition to specific programming designed to foster cognitive health.

Experience a fresh combination of body weight work, loaded movement training, brain training and HIIT, while also promoting readiness, recovery and a positive mindset. Discover how simple, portable tools like the loop bands by Anchor Point Training® can be used to challenge all fitness levels and abilities!


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