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About Amy Gorely

Amy Gorely is a passionate advocate and spokesperson in the pro-aging movement and works to dismantle ageism. Throughout her career in aging services, she recognized that many societal challenges stem from deep rooted age biases which see youth as the gold standard. To empower all to see the value, meaning and significance in every age, Amy launched a national campaign Be Bold, Claim Old. Amy shares an insightful, engaging and motivating message that we can shift how our culture views growing older. She has created a tool kit to foster conversations on aging throughout a wide range of communities and across generations. An experienced yogi who has been guiding students for 20 years, Amy’s teaching is infused with mindfulness. The practice of being fully present in the moment with gratitude supports each of us to Be Bold, Claim Old.

Be Bold, Claim Old: Celebrating Every Age

Who says youth has to be our gold standard? Our society fixates on the biological aspects of aging but the exciting news is that aging is also culturally defined. This means we ALL have a role in how we view aging. An advocate and spokesperson in the anti-ageism movement and the founder of Be Bold, Claim Old, Amy Gorely actively works to change how aging is viewed in our society. With humor and ease, Amy informs how we became a youth-obsessed culture and debunks ageist myths. She shares inspiring stories for how a mindful and healthy approach to aging can provide the foundation for a lifetime of fitness and overall wellness. Participants will be asked to reflect on their own individual views of aging, and as a group we will share ideas for a new narrative around growing older. Amy invites you to join the national awareness campaign, Be Bold, Claim Old and provides a toolkit to encourage and support your continued conversations and actions in your own communities. Together we can create a culture where old is as valued, significant and meaningful as young. Let’s celebrate and embrace every age.


1. Learn about the history of ageism, how to debunk myths around aging and positive ways to respond to ageist comments.

2. Demonstrate how a mindful approach to wellness and fitness will support the long-term growth and success of your clients.

3. Obtain practical tools from the Be Bold, Claim Old Tool kit. Identify direct actions you can take to create a community (and/or business) that is inclusive and celebrates aging.


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