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About Andrea Nakayama

Andrea Nakayama is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist and educator leading clients, students, and practitioners around the globe in a revolution to reclaim ownership over our own health. She is also the founder of the Functional Nutrition Alliance.

Through Functional Nutrition Alliance, Andrea and her team have trained over 8,000 practitioners in the science and art of the Functional Nutrition practice. Her unique methodologies give coaches and clinicians the tools needed to guide a client into mastery of their own health. In addition, Andrea is the host and producer of the 15-Minute Matrix podcast for practitioners, and she is regularly consulted as the nutrition expert on the medical teams for the toughest clinical cases in the practices of world-renowned doctors.

In everything she does, Andrea brings her keen investigative prowess, vast knowledge of physiology, deep respect for each individual, and a true passion and love for her field of nutrition. She is celebrated as a leader in the field of Functional Nutrition because of her unique ability to teach and inspire practitioners and patients alike. She synthesizes art and science, empathy and physiology, intuition and problem solving, into a system that truly helps people get to the root causes of their illness, create a path towards wellness, and find their way back to life.

Andrea received her Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine (MSN) from the University of Western States and she holds certifications as a Nutrition Educator, Nutrition Counselor, Holistic Health Coach, and Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner and is currently as student of Narrative Medicine at Columbia University.

A Functional Nutrition Framework for Cognitive Health

Andrea Nakayama has created a groundbreaking system for addressing the needs of the growing epidemic of cognitive decline. This approach—3 Roots, Many Branches—outlines the 3 elements that are always involved in unresolved health challenges, and delivers the roadmap for helping to reverse or manage chronic neurological issues. Andrea dives deep and zooms out, illuminating the key factors and critical areas to focus on for relief and resolution. As always, Andrea promises to deliver a Functional formula for addressing the needs of the ever-growing population concerned with their neurological health and well-being.


1 -Why we need to reframe our understanding of aging and age related conditions for improved health outcomes

2 - How physiological context helps us to better consider “aging”

3 - What the 3 key underlying factors are that always compound our age-related challenges

4- Top interventions for our practices that best support our innate anti-aging powers


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