Brian DeKuiper

Brian DeKuiper

About Brian DeKuiper

Brian is a Functional Aging Specialist, Z Health Certified Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist. Brian is the owner of Strong Tower Fitness in the Twin Cities, MN where clientele ages 45+ regain balance, strength, and vision through their neuro training program.

Neuro Mechanic Drills for Unlocking Client Potential (and Yours as a Movement Coach)

In the world of training and movement integration, we hear a lot about muscles, fascia and biomechanics. These are all well and good, but we also need to acknowledge that the brain controls the muscular sphere and not the other way around. In this neuro mechanic workshop you will learn tools to provide gentle and healthy stimulus to the nerves - the connectors of the brain and the many major muscle groups. You will move forward with increased confidence in your ability to help clients improve their balance, range of motion and strength with exercises that are quicker and more effective than hours of mobility work.


1. Learn an assess / reassess process to show your clients instant results with the neuro mechanic drills.

2. Learn tensioners to improve and maintain peripheral nerve health and increase balance.

3. Learn sliders to improve and maintain peripheral nerve health and prevent nerve entrapment and issues often related to nerve compression or entrapment.


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