Chris Severs


About Chris Severs

Chris Severs is the founder of Anchor Point Training, he has been developing anchored training tools and education since 2010. Chris has thousands of hours of connecting with fitness professionals across Canada and the United States. Chris has taught Anchor Point Training workshops to professionals serving the entire spectrum of training needs from high-performance sports to rehab for all ages. Chris developed the Anchor Point Training Program with FAI in 2014, this program is now available through ISSA.

Train Faster - Age Better: Implementing Speed and Power with Elastic Bands

This workshop will examine the power-driven pathway to age-associated disability.

Participants will engage in a series of speed and power exercises to implement into their own practice. A highlight of the workshop will be an understanding that speed training for older adults is, “the tide that lifts all boats”.


1 - Attendees will learn that speed and power training for older adults is more important than strength training alone.

2 - Attendees will learn how to implement more speed and power into their own program safely and effectively....and with fun activities.

3 - Attendees will gain a clearer understanding of how to use elastic resistance for clients at various functional abilities.


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