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About Chris Severs

Chris Severs has been developing anchor systems, resistance bands, handles, and suspension strap training tools since 2009. He developed the Anchor Point Training Overview in 2013. The APT education program became accredited in 2015. Chris has presented the APT overview in workshops to hundreds of trainers across Canada and the US (at last count 35 states and 5 provinces).

Patterns, Reaction, and Recall: Ideas for Training the Big Three with Bands

Group training lends itself to enjoyable training, to games and drills that combine strength and conditioning with reactive movement, planning, memory and decision making. Using the uniquely scalable and progressive resistance of bands for resisting movement in different patterns combining with memory games, or creating reactive demands provides a rich, enjoyable challenge with a host of strength, movement, cognitive and emotional benefits. We'll use partner anchored bands to run through bilateral, unilateral, contralateral and ipsilateral movement pattern progressions for full body pressing, rowing, rotation, biceps, and triceps. We'll incorporate these resisted movement exercises with recall games. We'll use partner anchored bands for Reaction drills. You'll learn the fundamentals needed to create and progress holistic programming for groups with any tool.


1) A systemized approach for progressing movement patterns with anchored resistance.
2) How to apply the unique properties of elastic resistance for full body movement based training.
3) Paradigmatic examples of the Big 3 for individual, group and partner training of CNS using resisted movement.


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