Chris Severs

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About Chris Severs

Chris Severs has been developing anchor systems, resistance bands, handles, and suspension strap training tools since 2009. He developed the Anchor Point Training Overview in 2013. The APT education program became accredited in 2015. Chris has presented the APT overview in workshops to hundreds of trainers across Canada and the US (at last count 35 states and 5 provinces).

Neuro Cross Training - Movement Progressions with Resistance Bands

The mental health benefits of physical training are largely seen as a good by product. NCT is about physical training with the intention of supporting neural health as well as physical health. NCT seeks to optimize the neural benefits of physical training. The three principles being proposed in this talk can be applied to ANY form of resistance training.


1 - Resistance training and movement patterns.

2 - The benefits of training on your feet

3 - The systemic neural benefits of different metabolic states


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