Corey Disler & Phil Stotter

Corey and Phil

About Corey Disler

A former Tennis professional and health and racquet club manager, Corey has spent his last 35 years in the medical exercise space. As Vice President of Sales for SCIFIT for the past 33 years, he worked extensively with senior communities, physical therapy and sports performance and rehabilitation. In November of 2019, Corey joined Keiser Fitness to help move Dennis and Randy Keiser’s visions ahead in the medical markets and senior health. Today he proudly acts as Keiser’s Market Specialist- Medical and Senior Living.

About Phil Stotter

Philip Stotter, veteran Clinical EP turned inventor/business developer with over 25 years of experience in performance, corrective, and preventative sports and healthcare settings. After starting his career in Cardiac Therapy, in 2005 Philip founded Club Fit Ltd, a Functional Integration Training company that blends physical therapy and functional fitness for the 50+ population. Also that year established and started the Stotter Clinic, a performance, prevention, and recovery service for elite professional athletes.

In 2014 he rolled out CFMS a corporate wellness company that works with global organizations designing and implementing wellness initiatives and services. In 2016 created Active Aging 360 a proactive fall prevention solution for healthcare systems and CCRC‘s. In 2017 brought to market an idea he had during the early days of his career called Moflex. A unique “ground up” fitness, rehab, and sports performance product designed to improve function starting at the feet and ankles.

These days Philip focuses on ground mechanics and how to use his “RAPID” technology to augment the test/treat intervention process. Also as the newly appointed Director of Sports Science at V1 Sports, Philip continues his work to connect objective and quantifiable technologies to performance and injury prevention.

Foot and Ankle Strength and Flexibility Too Often Overlooked

Phillip Stotter and Corey Disler will discuss the importance of foot and ankle strength and flexibly and the role lower body gait mechanics play in daily function and movement and how older adults can maintain and gain functional movement capacity by incorporating foot and ankle work into their daily exercise routines. Targeted to all levels of function.


1 - Explore the why and how we should test and treat postural control in the older adult for activities that pertain to ADLs.

2 - To discuss the general functional movement challenges that occur when poor foot/ankle strength and flexibility are present in older adults. Plus examples of proven strategies.

3 - Talk about technologies and where the industry is moving to better understand ground pressure mapping and computerized posturography for balance assessment and treatment of the older adult.

4 - Discuss and identify some simple lower extremity exercise strategies for improvement in functional movement and improved gait.


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