Dan Metcalfe

Dan Metcalfe

About Dan Metcalfe

Awe inspiring and dynamic, you will leave invigorated and passionate about your talents and purpose to your WHY! Presenting on the Inspirational Speakers Circuit, a former head Olympic Development coach, ballet dancer, Ironman, and Master Coach, Dan trained tens of thousands. Olympic champions to wheelchair recovery, for health and life goals no matter the age. Through his own self discovery, Dan focuses on brain engagement. Having played the Lead in Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber shows around the world, a professional dancer and military training, Dan’s experience in movement, strength and balance brings new & dynamic direction tapping into the miraculous abilities for better quality of life for all. His story will inspire you to realize your own untapped potential.

Balance is Key To Life

Balance Training for Mobility is critical. Good balance has been proven to increase quality life by 7-8 years. Clinical studies.


1 - Understanding new approach

2 - Feeling the difference

3 - New Exercises

4 - Removing Limitations.


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