Dan Metcalfe

Dan Metcalfe

About Dan Metcalfe - “The Seniors Champion”. Someone Has To Do It - What Not You?

Awe inspiring and dynamic, you will leave invigorated and passionate about your talents and purpose to your WHY! As a speaker on the Inspirational Speakers Circuit, and as a former head Olympic Development coach, gym owner, Ironman, and Master Coach, Dan has trained over 80,000 people, from Olympic champions to wheelchair recovery, for health through physical training. Dan, through his own self discovery, focuses on the brain engagement for maximum results. Having played the Lead in Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber shows around the world, a professional dancer, and military training, Dan’s experience in movement, strength and balance bring a new and refreshing look to the approach to tapping into the miraculous abilities we have.

The Aha Moment that Changes Lives
Mobility, Strength & Balance Training - from Brain to Body.

Dan Metcalfe, as the Creator of the brand, 60uP, highlights the dynamic impact we can have on the aging community. Feel the feet, stabilization muscles, multi-task the brain, and discover new ways to stimulate healthy bodies. You don’t want to miss this presentation, where attendees can also join in on 60uP during Dan’s talk. There will also be a Q & A for more in-depth questions you may have, on both creating, launching and scaling a national brand company.


1. Rethink the level of training possible for the aging community by experiencing 60uP and the dynamic power of training the brain to body.

2. Feel the direct impact using 60uP for mobility, strength, and balance combined for a full body workout. This involves exercises focusing on developing core strength, improving proprioception, and enhancing neuromuscular coordination. By working on these foundational skills, users reduce their risk of falls and improve their ability to perform daily living activities. Increase in cardio health, muscle strength, endurance, and stamina directly link to everyday living. Setting achievable goals, such as holding a specific balance position or number of reps for a certain amount of time, can help motivate and track progress for users of the 60uP balance training system.

3. Understand how to incorporate 60uP into training programs, especially if working in group or in-home training programs, or for clients being trained on zoom. 60uP is the most versatile and complete training program for the aging community incorporating mobility, strength, balance, muscle engagement, and brain to body strengthening for confident and dynamic improvements for a better quality of life.


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