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About Danilo Contiero

Danilo Contiero is the President of the Functional Aging Institute Europe since 2020. Danilo is a MPhil/PhD candidate and tutor at the University of the West of Scotland. His research focuses on clinical exercise, healthy ageing and adapted martial arts. Danilo graduated with a MSc in Physical Activity for Health Prevention and Rehabilitation at the University of Rome Foro Italico, after spending a 1 year research internship in Denmark under the supervision of Prof. Paolo Caserotti and Prof. H. Eichberg, trying to investigate the benefits of physical activity in later life. Mr. Contiero regularly takes part as a speaker to international scientific events as the Sport Medicine Australia conference. He is a member of the scientific committee for the journal “Ido movement for culture” and a visiting lecturer at the Volyn University in Lutsk. Danilo is also actively involved in spreading scientific knowledge among the general public, organizing several open scientific and “active events” as the adapted karate classes for seniors in Lutsk, Ukraine. On an occasional basis, Mr. Contiero cooperates for scientific research with the laboratory of cardiovascular health at the University Hospital Federico II in Napoli, under the supervision of MD Prof. Cardiologist Guido Iaccarino

Exercise Professionals in the Clinical and Health Environment: A European Perspective

In this presentation the author will introduce how the role of exercise professionals is always becoming more closely aligned to the clinical environment, different from the fitness coach. What are the differences? Why are exercise professionals always getting more involved? Is there space for a new health-allied profession? What are the benefits of adapting physical activity? How can FAI help?


1 - Open new perspectives on sport science out of the usual “fitness”

2 - develop network and cooperation between fitness and medical professionals

3 - promote the use of physical activity as a real drug especially for older adults


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