David Abernethy

David Abernethy

About David Abernethy

David Abernethy is a certified Master Strength and Conditioning Coach by the CSCCa. He is a former Division 1 football player and coach with stops at Clemson University, Ole Miss, Western Kentucky University, Western Carolina University, and Furman University. David is the co-founder of Tsunami Barbell, LLC and is the Chief Operating Officer of Total Strength and Speed. He is married to Kelli and has two children, Madilyn and Brooks.

Learning how to use flexible barbell technology to enhance balance, stability, cardiac output and flexibility.

Educate on the value of training with a product that allows the body to flow in motion while adding submaximal resistance while gaining maximal results


1. Learn teach how to use flexible barbell technology

2. Learn teach how to program using flexible barbell technology

3. We will show how to enhance everyday life with just 15 minutes of work a day


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