Derek Mikulski

Derek Mikulski

About Derek Mikulski

Derek is the proud Founder and Inventor of ActivMotion Bar. Since launching the product in 2014, Derek has made a number of appearances in national and regional television and magazine stories related to fitness, entrepreneurship, and creativity. He also lectures at regional and national fitness conferences, spreading the word about ActivMotion Bars and the wonderful benefits of exercise.

Functional Aging Balance Circuits

Balance is so much more than single leg stability! It involves multiple sensory systems working together along with the musculoskeletal system to build body awareness, coordination and confidence. Let's explore these systems and learn how to train them for better balance, body awareness and functional capacity in this fun workout!


  1. Identify balance training programming pillars.
  2. Learn how to classify clients based on functional capacity in small group training.
  3. Learn new scalable balance exercises for clients of all ages and fitness levels.

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