Dianne Bailey

Dianne Bailey

About Dianne Bailey

Dianne Bailey, CSCS, Functional Aging Specialist, Tai Chi instructor and fourth-degree black belt is the founder and co-owner of The Conditioning Classroom, a private personal training studio in Denver, Colorado that has served the mature population since 2006.  She is dedicated to bringing Tai Chi to the everyday person. Her online offerings at taichisystem.com include videos to learn Tai Chi and a full certification to become a Tai Chi instructor.

Tai Chi - The Perfect Cooldown

Don’t just stretch after an intense workout.  Use Tai Chi as your cooldown and get more benefits than static stretching.  Tai Chi opens up your joints gently, improving your flexibility and range of motion. It also allows your body to relax thoroughly and tap into the parasympathetic system.

Be prepared to do some vigorous exercise during this session. We will do about 5-7 minutes of intense exercise so you can experience just how good Tai Chi feels as a cool down.


 1. Attendees will be able to demonstrate how Tai Chi can be used as a cool-down for more high intensity classes or workouts.

2. Attendees will learn movements from the Yang style of Tai Chi.

3. Attendees will be able to put these movements into a cool-down routine that they can teach immediately.


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