Dianne Bailey

Dianne Bailey

About Dianne Bailey

As a fitness professional, martial artist, and owner of a successful personal training studio in Denver, Dianne is passionate about creating the best opportunities for the mature adult to enjoy health and fitness. This passion has led her to create a system for learning Tai Chi which will empower fitness professionals to be able to offer this amazing form of exercise to their clientele and help others learn this wonderful form of “movement meditation.” Dianne is the author of three books: Eating Simply, Open the Door to Tai Chi . . . Tai Chi for the Everyday Person Healthy, and Happy and Fit – Ageless Exercise to enjoy Your Best Years Yet. Dianne is a CSCS, a Functional Aging Specialist and a Certified Tai Chi Instructor. She has presented the benefits of Tai Chi at the Functional Aging Summit, ICAA Conference and Fitness Fest. In her engaging, easy-going yet commanding style, she hopes to encourage people to include Tai Chi in their offerings.

Tai Chi: The Best Fall Prevention Protocol

The cost of falls every year is in the billions. Tai Chi is an easy to learn protocol that is proven to improve balance and reduce the risk of falling. Attendees will learn some of the moves in Tai Chi and how they apply to balance improvement. Review studies of the cost of falling. Hospital costs, fatality risk, loss of independence. Review different protocols available that address balance. Introduce Tai Chi as an option. Easy to learn. No equipment necessary. Translates to real life movement. Improvement in static and dynamic balance.


 1. Understand why we should be concerned with fall prevention

2. Understand how Tai Chi improves both static and dynamic balance

3. Learn a shortened Tai Chi form focused on balance


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