Dianne Bailey

Dianne Bailey

About Dianne Bailey

As a fitness professional, martial artist, and owner of a successful personal training studio in Denver, Dianne is passionate about creating the best opportunities for the mature adult to enjoy health and fitness.This passion has led her to create a system for learning Tai Chi which will empower fitness professionals to be able to offer this amazing form of exercise to their clientele and help others learn this wonderful form of “movement meditation.”

Dianne is the author of three books:

Eating Simply
Open the Door to Tai Chi . . . Tai Chi for the Everyday Person
Healthy, Happy and Fit – Ageless Exercise to enjoy Your Best Years Yet

Dianne is a CSCS, a Functional Aging Specialist, and a Certified Tai Chi Instructor. She has presented the benefits of Tai Chi at the Functional Aging Summit, ICAA Conference, and Fitness Fest. In her engaging, easy-going yet commanding style, she hopes to encourage people to include Tai Chi in their offerings.

5 Reasons to Do Tai Chi AND Offer it to Your Clients

While Tai Chi has certainly become more mainstream in recent years, you still may not have actually incorporated it into your programming. Why? Maybe it’s the martial arts roots or maybe you think it’s too difficult to learn. Maybe you just think you have to become a “master” before you teach it or you’ve rejected it because of its gentle, slow-moving approach (It can’t really be exercise if you aren’t sweating, right?). We’d like you to join us for this interactive session to learn some of the science behind why you really should be doing Tai Chi yourself . . . and offering it to your clients.


1. Review research studies behind the benefits of Tai Chi such as balance, reduced stress and improvement in brain functioning

2. Experience Tai Chi by learning some movements from the Yang style

3. Begin to apply the underlying principles of Tai Chi which drive the benefits and understand how these principles can be applied to movement outside of Tai Chi


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