Dianne McCaughey & Debi Pillarella

Debi Pillarella _ Dianne McCaughey

About Dianne McCaughey

Dr. McCaughey is an international speaker, author, consultant, and presenter who has traveled the world touching lives. She works with special populations and focuses on posture, gait, balance, and corrective exercise programs. Previously, she has been an educational trainer for ACE, AFAA, and FAI. Additionally, she is an international corporate and private seminar facilitator for personal growth, empowerment, and team building where some of her clients included Hewlett Packard and the United Nations.

About Debi Pillarella

Dr. Pillarella is a renowned integrated health professional with 30+ years of experience in health, fitness, and wellness. As Director of Bariatric Services at The Community Healthcare System, she coaches patients on physical activity and healthy lifestyle. Debi is a Master Trainer for ACE, an adjunct faculty at Purdue University Northwest, and a recipient of the Program Director of the Year Award from ACE. Debi's recent Outstanding Dissertation of the Year Award from the University of Indianapolis for her study on Motivation to Engage in Physical Activity with Individuals with Obesity further establishes her as a leading figure in the industry.

Breaking Out of Your Mold: Creative Fitness Program Design for 50+ Aged Client

Are you on the lookout for fresh and exciting workout programs for your 50+ clients? Struggling to come up with innovative ideas that will keep them engaged and motivated? Our workshop is designed to help you do just that. This interactive session will take you on a journey of discovery, exploring evidence-based concepts like NAGI's Disability Model, Functional Aging Institute's Six Functional Domains, Posture, and Brain Neuroplasticity. You'll learn how to use these concepts as a springboard to create exciting and effective workout programs that will bring a new level of engagement to your clients. With our active learning approach, you'll be able to generate innovative program design ideas in real-time, taking your skills to the next level. Say goodbye to dull and uninspired workouts and hello to exciting and transformative programming. Sign up now and start breaking out of your mold!


1 - Analyze evidence-based concepts as they apply to fitness program design.

2 - Apply critical thinking to case studies that include dysfunctional movements and compensations and make program recommendations based on workshop learnings

3 - Design innovative workout programs using a variety of approaches and techniques to keep 50+ clients engaged and motivated.

4 - Evaluate the effectiveness of your newly designed workout programs using quantitative and qualitative assessments, such as client engagement and adherence rates.


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