Dianne McCaughey

Dianne McCaughey

About Dianne McCaughey

Dianne McCaughey Ph.D. with a concentration in Gerontology is an international speaker, author, consultant, master trainer and presenter who has traveled the world touching lives and emphasizing optimal wellness of the mind, body and spirit. The two books she has authored are designed to coach individuals on mental and emotional wellness, as well as physical health to help them age successfully. Her mission and purpose is to educate, inspire and empower people to be the best they can be. Dianne is an award winning fitness specialist with 30 plus years experience in personal training, group exercise, coaching, and post-rehabilitation. She is a master trainer for multiple companies including: The American Council on Exercise (ACE), The Functional Aging Institute (FAI), The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFFA/NASM), and the International Sport and Conditioning Association (ISCA).

Hierarchy of Function in Group Ex

Put into practice all you have learned from FAI.  We will break down the hierarchy of functional aging and apply the six domains of physical function.  We will create class specific drills to meet the large variance in student's abilities in Group Exercise.  Come play with Di and Deb to gather even more fun ideas.

*Requests attendees to have a couple of balloons blown up and handy


1. Learn to use the 6 impairment factors for physical fitness to construct optimal function in any class setting

2. Understand the vast variations in student levels and create proper progressions and regressions for a safe and effective exercise class

3. Implement numerous class formats to create a masterful yet challenging program for all to learn and improve in a socially fun environment


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