Dina Medina


About Dina Medina

Dina is the owner of Active Age Fitness. In 7 years, she went from corporate slacker with no fitness experience to a confident, expert trainer certified in FMS 1 & 2, Fallproof, FAI, and Tiny Habits while running a $400k/year facility.

Movement Screening using an FMS-style Approach

FMS (the Functional Movement Screen) is the gold standard when it comes to screening athletes and the general full-functioning population. However, applying FMS to the older population, especially the highly deconditioned & unfit, can be problematic. In this workshop, Dina, will share her experience using FMS and how she adapted the screen for the 50+ client. You’ll walk away learning what FMS is and how you can use it with your over 50 clients.


1 - Understand the difference between screening movement quality vs. movement performance.

2 - Understand how screening for movement quality will improve client results.

3 - Understand how to integrate movement screening into your training programming.


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