Doug Katona

Doug Katona

About Doug Katona

Doug Katona, CEO of American Barbell and AB Athletics, brings over three decades of expertise to the fitness industry. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California in Sports Information and Exercise Science, alongside a Master’s Degree in Coaching and Athletic Administration from Concordia University. His career is distinguished by significant achievements, including the founding of World Gym Athletics, providing consultancy services for Leigh Steinberg Sports and Entertainment, and propelling multiple fitness businesses to success. Renowned for his educational and literary contributions, Doug has developed numerous certification programs, shared his expertise at leading fitness events, and partnered with elite athletes and the military, establishing himself as a key figure in his field.

LEADership for Coaches

The "LEADership for Coaches" program is designed to equip entrepreneurs, leaders, and coaches with the knowledge, strategies, and skills necessary to excel. This comprehensive program focuses on harnessing unique strategies that not only aim to foster individual growth but also emphasize the importance of impactful leadership and coaching practices. Additionally, the program serves as an opportunity for attendees to engage in introspection regarding their position on their path to success, offering them essential strategies to enhance their entrepreneurial capabilities.


1 - Enhance Communication Skills: Develop advanced communication and interpretation skills to accurately convey and understand messages, improving interpersonal interactions.

2 - Refine Personal Leadership Style: Utilize self-assessment tools to identify and refine your unique leadership and coaching style, focusing on maximizing your strengths and addressing areas for improvement.

3 - Emulate Elite Leadership Qualities: Learn from the traits and behaviors of successful leaders and coaches to embody key characteristics for excellence in leadership.

4 - Discover Your Ideal Leadership Path: Explore and identify the business or leadership trajectory that best suits your unique skills and passions, fostering self-awareness and strategic career development.


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