Dr. Emily Splichal

Emily Splichal

About Dr. Emily Splichal

Dr Emily Splichal, Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist, is the Founder of the Evidence Based Fitness Academy, Creator of the Barefoot Training Specialist®, Certifications and Inventor of Naboso Barefoot Technology. With over 18 years in the fitness industry, Dr Splichal has dedicated her medical career towards studying postural alignment and human movement as it relates to barefoot science, foot to core integration and from the ground up training.

Biohack Your Body - Anti-Aging Secrets to Movement Longevity

Biohacking is an empowering concept that allows clients and patients to take their health into their own hands. Join Biohacker Dr Emily Splichal as she explores how we can "hack" our way to a healthy brain & body, ensuring years of movement longevity.


1. To explore the concept of fascial elasticity and crosslinking as part of the aging process.

2. To review the neurology of aging and how our sensory nerves play an important role in movement longevity.

3. To review the concept of inflammation as how it impacts movements through the aging process.


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