Eric Levitan & Dr. Christian Thompson

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About Eric Levitan

Eric Levitan is the founder and CEO of Vivo. He left corporate America after more than 25 years of working in technology and running software companies to try to positively impact people’s lives and make a difference in the world. As he witnessed the decline in quality of life of his own parents as they were getting older, he realized he wanted to better understand the aging process and help them. This is at the heart of why he started Vivo – to create awareness and a safe, engaging, and impactful program to guide older adults to a better life. Eric is also a mentor for the Atlanta Tech Village and a graduate of Duke University. He and his family reside in Atlanta, GA.

About Dr. Christian Thompson

Dr. Christian Thompson is on faculty at the University of San Francisco and owner of Thompson Fitness Solutions. He is a well-known fitness educator specializing in older adult exercise program design and is an Advisory Board member for FAI.

Virtual Small Group Training Done Right

The COVID-19 pandemic created a massive demand for virtual training which continues to be valuable in training older clients. Learn how to optimize your online training business by developing an online training platform, creating engaging and successful programs, and attracting older clients through strategic community partnerships.


1 - Build out a virtual platform to scale a virtual training business

2 - Develop fitness and wellness programs that are successfully delivered virtually

3 - Identify and partner with older adult service organizations for targeted advertising and marketing efforts


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