Evan Osar & Jenice Mattek

Evan Jenice

About Evan Osar

Dr. Evan Osar is an internationally recognized specialist on assessment, corrective exercise, and injury prevention. He has authored Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunction and Amazon #1 Best Seller, The Psoas Solution. He developed the Integrative Movement System™, an evidence-based approach to injury prevention, using exercise to enhance recovery after injury, and athletic performance. Dr. Osar is currently in private practice in South Milwaukee, WI, and is an adjunct faculty member at Rocky Mountain University of Health Sciences. He teaches his proprietary approach to health and fitness professionals that specialize in rehabilitation and corrective exercise, medical fitness, as well as posture and movement education. Dr. Osar’s mission is to empower individuals to achieve health and longevity through proper posture, movement, and exercise.

About Jenice Mattek

Jenice works each day helping clients improve their breathing and experience the benefits of optimal breathing throughout their daily lives. She is also the Director of the Integrative Movement Institute and Chicago Integrative Movement Specialists and co-author of What Lies Beneath: The Under-realized Effects of Breast Abdominal and Pelvic Surgeries. She co-created the Integrative Movement System ™ which is taught to professionals around the world.

Breath, Balance, and Bodyweight Training for Longevity

The three most modifiable factors to maintaining independent living and longevity is optimizing breath, balance, and the control of one’s body. In this interactive workshop, the fitness professional will discover how to easily optimize and integrate breath training into their programs. Participants will also learn the best strategies for improving control of bodyweight and balance. Finally, participants will leave knowing how to easily incorporate breath and bodyweight training into their current programs to improve their clients balance and walking.


1 - Describe the link between breath, balance, and control of bodyweight on longevity

2 - Demonstrate how to assess for common suboptimal strategies that impact posture, balance, and walking

3 - Choose and incorporate the most effective corrective exercises into a comprehensive training program to improve breath, postural control, balance and walking

4 - Integrate optimal postural control, balance, and bodyweight progressions into a comprehensive training program


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