Hartmut Broring

Hartmut Broring

About Hartmut Broring

M.S. Physio-Therapy Hartmut is a German born Physio-Therapist. He graduated 1995 at the German Sports University of Cologne majoring in Orthopedics and Internal Medicine. Hartmut spend the last 30 years working with 65plus population addressing Fitness, Prehab and Rehab needs, trying to help his clients to maximize quality of life while managing chronic illness and frailty.

Defeating Frailty Every Day – A Team Approach

Frailty Syndrome in older adults is associated with poor health outcomes including falls, disability, and deaths. This lecture introduces a team strategy to help beat back frailty every day.


1. Defining Frailty

2. Strategies to reverse Frailty

3. Making the case for a team approach


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