Hartmut Broring

Hartmut Broring

About Hartmut Broring

M.S. Physiotherapy is a German born trainer and therapist working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hartmut and his company Back In Form have been providing fitness training and therapeutic exercises to those 70plus and/or those managing chronic illness since 1996.

Our Aging Immune System & Possible Consequences for Training the 70+ Population

Let’s take a closer look at the changes to our immune system as we age. Find out about some of the most common health problems associated with Immunosenescence and learn about possible consequences for fitness training in the 70plus population.


1. Understand changes to our immune system as we age (Immunosenescence) and their effects on illness and recovery

2. Find about the most common health problems resulting from Immunosenescence due to an increased vulnerability to infection, reduced effectiveness of vaccinations, and chronic inflammation

3. Discover if and how fitness training can aid or be harmful to the prevention and treatment of Immunosenescence. Discuss possible training adjustments to common health problems.


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