Jacey Gengenbach


About Jacey Gengenbach

Jacey Gengenbach is a certified personal trainer, one of the top three finalists for the 2015 PFP Magazine Personal Trainer Award. She has been in the health/fitness industry for twenty-five years and has a broad background in the fitness industry. Jacey is a certified Functional Aging Specialist and she has been certified with distinction since 2000 as a personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Also, she is an Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor for Baby Boomers and Seniors and instructor of Delay the Disease Parkinson’s Exercise Program. Jacey owns Fitness & Beyond, an exclusive private personal training studio in Omaha, Nebraska.

Special Populations & Exercise: A New Era In Fitness

Jacey’s overview of special populations and their unique needs and concerns will empower exercise professionals to learn how to assess, motivate, and educate this demographic. The hands on portion will provide practical knowledge for designing safe and effective exercise programs. Come and be inspired by the clients’ success stories!


1. Attendees will have an understanding of special populations.

2. Attendees will learn how to apply exercise principles to special populations and develop appropriate exercise prescriptions.

3. Attendees will be inspired and empowered to start the journey to work with special populations.


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