Jay Croft

Jay Croft

About Jay Croft

Jay Croft is the creator behind Prime Fit Content, which provides premium marketing materials to help gyms and studios reach people over 50. Prime Fit Content is used by fitness professionals across the US and Canada, and in other countries around the world.

Jay also hosts his own podcast, Optimal Aging, about fitness, health and wellbeing. He writes for fitness organizations and publications. And, as a former newspaper journalist, he contributes regularly to CNN and WebMD.

Defining Your Brand Essence: Standing Out in the Local Marketplace as the Ultimate Solution

Communicating your value to prospects and clients is YOUR responsibility. You've gotta keep doing it over and over. I'll show you how to bake it into your business, your day, and your growth.


1 - To learn simple steps to do this better.

2 - To learn about common mistakes to stop doing now.

3 - To prioritize communication strategies and tactics.

4 - To learn next-level hacks.


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