Jeff Weiss

Jeff Weiss

About Jeff Weiss

Jeff is the President and CEO (Chief EvAGElist Officer) of Age of Majority, a consultancy that helps organizations better understand older adults so that they can engage them more effectively. He is the last of the Baby Boomers with over 35 years of marketing experience on both the client and agency sides of the business, working with major brands including Pepsi, Gillette, Dannon, KitchenAid and Unilever.

The New AdAGEs --- Fundamental Insights Regarding Adults 55+

Adults 55 and older control over 70% of the wealth and account for over 40% of all consumer spending, yet most businesses either ignore them or market to them in stereotypical and non-effective ways. The reality is that older adults are craving attention and are looking for brands and organizations who understand them and can engage them in authentic and compelling ways. In his presentation, Jeff Weiss will highlight how society portrays older adults based on myths and stereotypes that no longer exist. He will reveal what today’s older adults look like, how they behave, and what they are looking for as their journey continues. Finally, he will share advice and practical tips on how to best find, reach, and engage the older adult consumer.


1. See how society’s views on aging shapes the way we think about and market to older adults

2. Obtain a clear understanding of who older adults (really) and what they want

3. Learn practical applications on how to reach and engage older adults to help grow their business


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