Jeff Weiss

Jeff Weiss

About Jeff Weiss

Jeff is the President and CEO (Chief EvAGElist Officer) of Age of Majority, a consultancy that helps organizations better understand older adults so that they can engage them more effectively. He is the last of the Baby Boomers with over 35 years of marketing experience on both the client and agency sides of the business, working with major brands including Pepsi, Gillette, Dannon, KitchenAid and Unilever.

Marketing you and your business to older adults.

Positioning your business is the foundation required to effectively market and grow your business. This session will expose you to the key elements of brand positioning and allow you to draft an initial statement that will set you apart from your competition. In this workshop, Jeff Weiss & Dan Ritchie will provide insights and practical tips on how best to market to and engage older adults who might be interested in exercise programs. Using a combination of a formal presentation and hands-on tools, attendees will come away with a plan on who to target, what channels to use to reach them and marketing materials and key messages that might peak interest in their services.


1. Gain a deep understanding of older adults and your prospective clients

2. Learn how to best educate prospects about fitness training

3. Discover the how and where to successfully reach and engage older adults in your market


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