Jenice Mattek

Jenice Mattek

About Jenice Mattek

Jenice Mattek is a practitioner, author, presenter, and the Director of the Integrative Movement Institute. Jenice works with clients of all ages and specializes in post-surgery programming. Her enthusiasm and passion for the information she shares with her audiences come through in her presentations!

Breath: The Benefits, How to Teach it and Get Buy-In

The value of teaching your clients to breathe well could be a game-changer for how your clients move and feel in their bodies. In this interactive session, you will learn and feel the immediate benefits of three-dimensional breathing and how to add and cue breathing in your fitness programs. You will also learn to overcome those objections of "I already breathe all day long."


1. Learn how to teach three-dimensional breathing.

2. Explore the benefits of optimal breathing.

3. Learn to add breathing into their fitness programs.


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