Jenice Mattek

Jenice Mattek

About Jenice Mattek

Jenice is the Director of Fitness Education Seminars, as well as, Chicago Integrative Movement Specialists. Jenice oversees and organizes the seminars, product sales, and marketing for Fitness Education Seminars. Jenice has developed seminars for massage therapists in the area of fascial techniques, scar tissue therapy and client education strategies. Jenice is Dr. Osar’s teaching assistant at conferences and for the Integrative Movement Specialist™ certification.

Breath: The Secret to Dramatically Improving Posture, Movement and Performance

Chronic tightness, discomfort, and inability to perform at the levels they need or want are common issues of the older adult population. Underlying these posture issues, limited ROM, decreased strength, as well as chronic tension and discomfort are suboptimal breathing strategies. Unfortunately, strengthening approaches that omit breath training can often perpetuate rather than help these issues. During this session, you’ll discover how breathing impacts posture, ROM, and stability. Additionally, you’ll discover how to seamlessly integrate breathing into your warm-ups, strengthening, and cool-down sessions. You will not look at posture, movement, or performance the same after this session.


1. Describe how three-dimensional breathing impacts posture, movement, and stability

2. Demonstrate how to assess for common suboptimal strategies and utilize the most effective strategy to improve three-dimensional breathing

3. Integrate breathing into an comprehensive training program to improve posture, range of motion, and performance


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