Jenice Mattek

Jenice Mattek

About Jenice Mattek

Jenice works each day helping clients improve their breathing and experience the benefits of optimal breathing throughout their daily lives. She is also the Director of the Integrative Movement Institute and Chicago Integrative Movement Specialists and co-author of What Lies Beneath: The Under-realized Effects of Breast Abdominal and Pelvic Surgeries. She co-created the Integrative Movement System ™ which is taught to professionals around the world.

Maximize the Benefits of Breathing Optimally for Life and Fitness

From everyday life activities to fitness, help your clients experience the benefits of breathing optimally. Stress, posture, sickness, and disease can affect the quality of how we breathe. Learn how to efficiently and effectively add breath training to your client sessions and show your clients the benefits to get buy-in from them.


1. Will be able to understand the anatomy of the diaphragm muscles and the benefits of training it

2. Will be able to explain and demonstrate to their clients the value of breathing optimally in life and and while working out

3. Will learn how to incorporate optimal breathing into their client and group sessions


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