Julia Morichelli & Teri Lewis

julia and teri

About Julia Morichelli

Julia Morichelli is the founder and owner of Mo-Po Solutions, a product and education resource for movement professionals and the co-owner of 626 Wellness Community in Pasadena, CA. With over 40 years of experience, Julia has played a role in the evolution of the fitness industry and has worked alongside some of the most talented teams who shaped the movement industry into what it is today.

About Teri Lewis

Teri Lewis is the Director of Education for Mo-Po Solutions. She has been a fitness and movement professional for over four decades and is a member of the education team for the prestigious Midtown Athletic Clubs. Teri is a co-creator and educator for the Functional Yoga System course through the esteemed Gray Institute.

CONNECT THE DOTS WITH YOGA: Learn the benefits of common yoga movements for your active aging clients*

This workshop is designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of yoga and its various benefits for their active aging clients. Throughout the workshop, we will demonstrate how common yoga moves can be transformed into three-dimensional functional movements, showcasing the practicality of yoga in different settings. Additionally, we will discuss strategies for integrating yoga into various training environments and provide guidance on how to effectively cue and assess individuals throughout each movement. Through an exploration of the different motions and positions used in yoga, we will highlight the positive impact they can have on overall function. Moreover, modifications and variations will be provided to accommodate individuals with different fitness levels. By the end of the workshop, participants will have gained the knowledge and skills to incorporate basic yoga movements into their clients' programs with confidence and understanding. *No yoga experience needed.


1 - Demonstrate how common yoga moves can be turned into three-dimensional functional movements.

2 - Discuss strategies for integrating yoga into various training settings and how to cue and assess through each movement.

3 - Explore the different motions and positions used in yoga and their impact on your client’s overall function.

4 - We will provide modifications and variations to accommodate these diverse levels, ensuring that yoga is accessible and beneficial for everyone.


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