Julia Morichelli & Teri Lewis

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About Julia Morichelli

Julia Morichelli is the founder and owner of Mo-Po Solutions, a product and education resource for movement professionals and the co-owner of 626 Wellness Community in Pasadena, CA. With over 40 years of experience, Julia has played a role in the evolution of the fitness industry and has worked alongside some of the most talented teams who shaped the movement industry into what it is today.

About Teri Lewis

Teri Lewis is the Director of Education for Mo-Po Solutions. She has been a fitness and movement professional for over four decades and is a member of the education team for the prestigious Midtown Athletic Clubs. Teri is a co-creator and educator for the Functional Yoga System course through the esteemed Gray Institute.

CONQUERING SPACE CONSTRAINTS: Transforming Constrained Areas into Productive Workout Zones

Working with a mature clientele often means working in small and/ or crowded areas, such as gyms, studios, living rooms, and even care homes with adjustable beds. As movement professionals, it is important for us to adapt not only to the needs of our clients but also to the limitations of the environment we are working in.

This workshop will provide strategies for creating defined workout spaces in tight areas, setting specific targets within those spaces, and designing exercise programs and stations that make the most of the available resources in different locations and facilities. Additionally, it will explore the use of effective, appropriate, and easily transportable equipment that can be conveniently used in various training settings.


1 - Transform constrained areas into productive workout zones.

2 - Optimize available space in tight areas for effective training.

3- Design exercise programs and stations that utilize available resources in constrained workout zones.

4 - Explore portable equipment options to overcome space constraints and provide versatile workouts.


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