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Every Body is Different - A Personalized Solution to Longevity

Are you confused with all the information out there to lose weight, keep fit, eat the right foods and look and feel better? Many solutions will get us results in the short term, but they do not seem to last, or they take so long to get small gains that we just give up or say it isn’t worth it. The Group approach says this works for everyone. However, each person is completely different to the next person, even if they are the same age, eat the same foods and exercise the same. Join Ken as he explains how Personalized Heath works just for you, by using science to understand your Health Type and genetics to tailor the optimal solution to sustaining your health and really taking your health personally.


1. Outline different health types

2. Examine latest research in genetics and crossover from traditional medicine to modern day practices.

3. Outline Personalized Health Programming in regards to a holistic approach to diet exercise and health types.


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