Krishea Holloway

Krishea Holloway

About Krishea Holloway

Krishea Holloway started her career with Curves NA, Inc. at the age of 21, opening her first Curves franchise in 1997.  Her franchise quickly became one of the most successful Curves franchises! Due to her success Co-Founder, Gary Heavin, asked her to become a mentor to other club owners.  She joined the corporate support team in 1999 as a club operations trainer, and has progressively moved up within the company taking on responsibilities as: Sales and Resales Manager, Country Manager for New Zealand and Australia, Director of North America, and most recently, President and CEO of Curves NA, Inc.

Krishea holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Hawaii.  She has been married to her high school sweetheart for over 25 years.  Both she and her husband enjoy spending family-time together with their son.  They enjoy salt life and spending time on the water fishing and boating.

Turning Your Passion Into a Business

Take your passion and turn it into a business.  There are multiple business options available to learn and understand.   Starting a business takes careful planning, this course will help you with a number of actionable items to assist you with that planning.  There are many pros and cons to owning your own business, learning these will assist you in making the right decision for you.


1. Understand the multiple business options

2. Actionable steps to start a business

3. Pros and Cons to owning your own business


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