Kyle Henning

Kyle Henning

About Kyle Henning

I am a multi-Anytime Fitness club owner and Functional Aging Specialists. I also sit on the Anytime Fitness Franchise Advisory Counsel.

The power of a Positive Mental Attitude & How I turned the worst Day of My Life Into a Thriving Business Career

I broke my back in a swimming accident at the age of 18 and was told I’d most likely spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair. This is my story of how I continue to overcome challenges that would sideline most people. A story of how I dropped out of college to start a fitness business at the age of 23 just a few short years after having most of my physical ability taken away from me. Most importantly this is a story of how I've maintained a positive mental attitude through it all.


1. Increase your Emotional Intelligence

2. Learn how to choose happiness

3. Use a personal weakness as a business/sales strength


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