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Kyle Sanok

About Kyle Sanok

After graduating from Harvard with a degree in data science, Kyle combined his love for group fitness with technology. Having previously held positions at MoveWith (now part of UnderArmour), JP Morgan, and Barry's Bootcamp, he joined Interval in 2020 as the primary business lead. Since then, he has helped hundreds of companies launch virtual offerings, spoken on podcasts related to the new virtual fitness landscape, and built a community of wellness professionals building digital offerings.

5 Ways to Monetize Video in 2022

In 2022, every health and wellness professional should be playing in the digital space to a certain degree. Particularly, one of the largest business opportunities in the digital space is the creation and delivery of video content. Throughout this talk, we'll discuss why you should build a video library, how you build and record it, and 5 ways to monetize your videos once they're up. Interval helps instructors and studios build content that's easy for both you and your clients.


1. Why are you creating a library? - Grow digital footprint? - Revenue stream? - Courtesy to current clients? - All of the above?!

2. How to record your fitness classes - Maximizing value out of your current class schedule - Recording your in-person sessions - Lighting/camera recommendations

3. How to organize and monetize content digitally - Visual clarity and consistency - Creating programmed content, memberships, drop ins, ads, sponsors


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