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Baby boomer specialist, international fitness professional and edu-tainer, I’ve taught on 4 continents in 4 languages for almost 4 decades on land, sea, and airwaves. Former faculty for the Dept of Exercise and Sports Studies at UC Santa Barbara, and three time Finalist for IDEA Director of the Year award, after visiting 45 states and 5 continents I just launched my Fit2Travel© program to help boomers be even more active.

7 Elements Needed to Create Quality Boomer Workouts

If you plan to address moderately active baby boomers’ specific workout needst, then add these 7 elements into your programs. Create targeted, functional exercises that are low risk, yet yield high rewards for midlifers. Learn how to design exercises that allow them to maintain function and expand, not shrink their capabilities. Avoid 5 common mistakes made with this age group. Older adult bodies have over 6 decades of movement habits -- but are they good ones or ones we can help them improve? Why create "standard" sessions for 53-72 year olds when you can offer cutting edge, age-targeted movements with layered benefits?


1. Offer moves specific to the needs of baby boomers, who want to enjoy the second half of life actively, comfortably, and energetically.

2. Depend on 7 principles to guide programming, class design, and exercise selection choices.

3. Select language, cues, and options that minimize fears, undo bad body habits, and maximize function for the over 50 crowd.


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