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Kymberly Williams-Evans

About Kymberly Williams - Evans

Kymberly Williams-Evans PhD (ABD) has taught fitness to more than 45,000 participants on 4 continents in 4 languages for more than 4 decades. Former faculty at University of California Santa Barbara, she specializes in baby boomer and older adult group exercise.

Her recently released digital programs for both fitness pros and consumers include “Better Balance; Fewer Falls'' and ”Fit to Travel.” When not teaching classes in Santa Barbara, CA you can find her via her website,

Better Balance; Fewer Falls

Whether you work with a group or one-on-one, you can design effective, science-based, cutting edge balance workouts. As your baby boomer clients and class participants age, they become increasingly interested in maintaining balance. Their fear of falling has either been realized or they anticipate falling as they look to their parents’ or friends’ experiences. Older adults want to ford streams when hiking, climb stairs abroad where no railings exist, recover when they do fall. In short, they want the freedom to move, walk, and balance with confidence and a spring in their (upright) step.


1 - Create and tailor workouts for your clients or class members concerned with balance and fall risk

2 - Address a huge, important, niche that is largely untapped

3 - Mix and match program elements to create relevant sessions, whether for single clients or group classes

4 - Create balance-related movement tasks that are effective and science-proven


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