Leslee Bender


About Leslee Bender

Leslee Bender (FAFS Gray institute, ACSM, NASM,ACE, PMA 2020 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year) has over 30 years presenting and lecturing internationally. Leslee is the creator of the Bender Ball method of functionally safer core training, 2007 fitness commercial of the year, and director of Ageless Now Academy. Creator of Barre Above Pilates with Savvier Fitness, Leslee is coauthor of I Am Ageless Now.

The Issue is in the Tissue Training Your Fascia

In this session you will walk away with new techniques and strategies to combine myofascial release and movement for the perfect combination that will leave your body pain free and functional. Experience fascial lines and the importance of moving them in the planes of motion related to science and the effect it has on elasticity, strength, and balance. This take-home program will ensure all clients regardless of age or abilities a healthier functional balanced life. You will leave understanding and experience of the importance of stress held in fascia and why reducing it will increase longevity.


1 - Leave with strategies and techniques to help their clients move with less pain and better agility for all activities

2 - Combine the importance of myo-fascial release, movement, and emotional integrity to discover and experience a more flexible body and attitude

3 - Understand the relationship of fascia and why massage combined with movement lowers blood pressure and decreases stress and anxiety based on science and statistics


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