Leslee Bender


About Leslee Bender

Leslee Bender FAFS GRAY Institute, ACSM, NASM,PMA has over 30 as a fitness professional lecturing internationally. She is the creator of the Bender Ball and director of I am Ageless Now a functionally safe training approach keeping the active aging fit and pain free. Leslee has filmed many consumer and professional programming and authored several articles. Her new book launched What the doctors do not tell you and I am ageless Now

HIIT for the Ageless

This session gives you the non impact, joint friendly class, that will increase your heartrate and bone density, burn calories and more! Many active aging participants may suffer from joint pain and in this session you will learn how to tweak movements to protect the knees, hips and back while performing short bouts off cardio necessary for all age groups in a safe and effective environment. Experience how active recovery is based on the functional planes of motion with specific movement patterns that never over fatigue the body. This is a session that is a great combination for the active ageless client.


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