Leslee Bender


About Leslee Bender

Leslee Bender FAFS GRAY Institute, ACSM, NASM,PMA has over 30 as a fitness professional lecturing internationally. She is the creator of the Bender Ball and director of I am Ageless Now a functionally safe training approach keeping the active aging fit and pain free. Leslee has filmed many consumer and professional programming and authored several articles. Her new book launched What the doctors do not tell you and I am ageless Now

I am Ageless The Workout

I Am Ageless Now is a course that gives you many tools and techniques to add into private or small group training that will dramatically reduce pain and improve function for all levels of students. You will wall away with an understanding how to work around injuries that will help students have a better quality of life. Explore the planes of motion and movement based on science with myofascial release that is unique to improve flexibility, mobility and strength.


1. Walk away with an understanding of how to implement myofascial release, movement and mantras for a functional workout that improves the quality of life

2. An opportunity to understand how to give students methods to do self evaluations and what to work on for success

3. Discover how the planes of motion and when put to practice gives you many strategies to train your clients efficiently.



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