Lindsay Vastola


About Lindsay Vastola

Lindsay Vastola creates turnkey habit-change and mindset programs to help gyms increase revenue and retention while creating more meaningful client experiences.

Effective Lifestyle Coaching for Revenue, Retention, & Results

Relying too heavily on fitness-focused revenue is one of the greatest vulnerabilities fitness businesses face today. The solution? Offer lifestyle coaching programs that complement your fitness services for better results to increase revenue and bolster stronger retention rates of both members and staff. If you are a fitness business owner who wants to expand your impact and your bottom line, you’ll want to join industry veteran Lindsay Vastola. As ‘fitness-business-as-usual’ dramatically changes, fitness professionals need to differentiate from the competition by offering value and services beyond exercise programming. Lifestyle coaching programs are not only good for business but have become one of the most valuable services consumers are actively seeking. Right now, the fitness industry is perfectly positioned to offer this valuable solution.


1. The key steps to implementing a successful lifestyle coaching program that best fits your business model.

2. How to avoid the predictable mistakes when adding these types of services.

3. How to uncover trapped value in your business with a simple, streamlined program.


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