Lindsay Vastola

Lindsay Vastola

About Lindsay Vastola

Lindsay Vastola (NSCA-CPT), is the editor of Personal Fitness Professional (PFP), a leading business-focused magazine helping fitness professionals prosper; and the founder of Body Project (2007), offering women practical solutions for whole-life wellness. Whether teaching business strategy or achieving whole-life wellness, her message is grounded in the principles of Emotional Intelligence (EI) which is the nexus of exceptional outcomes in life, health, and business and what she believes is critical to raising the bar in the fitness industry. |

Take the Leap to Fitness Business Ownership

The common and most detrimental mistake new and aspiring business owners make is failing to invest adequate time learning the fundamentals and realities of owning and operating a successful fitness business. From business modeling and financial planning to marketing and growth strategy, and most importantly, insight into what you may not even know you need to know, you’ll leave with a clear plan and the confidence to take the leap.


1. Avoid the common pitfalls and blind spots of business ownership.

2. Discuss the start-up necessities often overlooked by new business owners.

3. Leave with strategies, tools, and resources to help you take the leap.


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