Lisa Wright

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About Lisa Wright

Meet - Lisa Grace Wright is the CEO of L.G.W. Fitness Inc., a published author, Functional Aging Specialist, and Mastermind Coach for the Functional Aging Institute. As a coach, she helps fitness business owners, from small studios to big gyms, create a compelling and effective business plan to inspire an aging population to take action toward their health. For over 20+ years, she has built her brand, Your Personal Best in Corpus Christi, TX and has expanded her influence across the nation and Canada equipping others like herself who want to change lives and promote aging actively.

Lisa is relatable to because, at some level, she is YOU! In 2015, she was barely paying her bills, overworking, undercharging, and with few business systems, she employed the help of FAI. Together, she tripled her income in 3 years now, maintaining 400K annually in a 2,000 sq ft facility.

Raise Your Self Worth; Raise Your Net Worth

Are you ready to release your fears around money and create a NEW financial blueprint for your next 1, 3, and 5-year business vision? These exercises will guide you to experience a quantum shift in your mindset without years of practice.


1. Attendees will be guided to recognize their financial fears and invited to a way to become willing to release them.

2. Attendees will be encouraged to develop a new inner dialogue toward reclaiming their financial faith to attract abundance.

3. Attendees will be able to understand how gratitude and forgiveness help us to undo the past to help us start fresh in the present.


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