Mick Olinik

Mick Olinik

About Mick Olinik

Mick Olinik is a business strategist and an online marketing consultant who’s been working with the Web since the mid 1990s. CEO of Rockstar Enterprises, Mick’s passion is in helping entrepreneurs and business owners expand their reach and help more people by leveraging marketing automation to start, grow and thrive in their businesses. Learn more at BuildLikeARockstar.com

The Tactical Blueprint For Your Online Business

As busy, driven professionals, the challenge that we all face is not that we don’t know WHAT we need to do, but that we don’t necessarily have the time to consistently execute it. With new leads and different prospects in different places within the sales pipeline, crucial communications that must be done on a timely basis to increase their effectiveness can easily fall through the cracks because there are so many other important moving pieces within the business. In this workshop, Mick will show you how to identify and structure YOUR online sales and fulfillment processes in clear and measurable ways. He’ll also show you how and where you can automate the RIGHT things to save you time and money, WHILE delivering a better experience to your clients and prospects!


1. Identifying the individual components to YOUR sales and fulfillment processes

2. Creating a visual map of the individual, measurable steps your sales and fulfillment process

3. Understanding and deciding when client touches should and should not be automated 4. Getting a grip on the most appropriate automation tools on the market for your business


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