Mike Studer

Mike Studer

About Mike Studer

Dr. Studer has been a PT since 1991 and a board certified in neurologic PT since 1995. He is an invited speaker covering all 50 states, 10 countries, and 4 continents. Dr. Studer coined the term, “GeriAthlete” in 2007 and holds a US patent in healthcare.

Choosing Health: How Much Wellness Would You Like to Donate to Your Future Self?

Exercise is good for your body and mind now and is an investment paid toward your future. Attend this session to debunk the myths and learn how to apply the Nobel Prize winning concepts in health and wellness


1. Define relevant terms in behavioral economics for use in health and wellness for the active aging community

2. Recall and demonstrate strategies to improve physical activity in older individuals

3. Recall and apply strategies to improve engagement for enhanced wellness and function in the active aging space


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