Mindy & Bruce Mylrea

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About Mindy & Bruce Mylrea

Bruce Mylrea/ BA in Economics / ECornell certified in Plant Based Nutrition / AFPA certified Holistic Nutritional Councilor. He spends hours each day reviewing the latest in unbiased nutritional research. Bruce is focused and passionate in educating others on the life enhancing and life extending benefits of whole food plant based nutrition. Bruce is the SCW male presenter of the yesr for 2017 and also 2017 LifeTime Acheivement Award for CanFitPro Bruce and wife Mindy have worked together for 16 years in the fitness and wellness industry and present both fitness programming and nutritional education together

Mindy Mylrea is the 2017 LifeTime acheivement Award Winner for CanFitPro , 2016 Empower Instructor of the Year, 2015 PFP Trainer of the Year. 2015 International Presenter of the Year, 2013 CanFitPro Specialty Presenter of the Year, 2008 ECA OBOW Fitness Presenter of the Year, the 2004 Can Fit Pro International Presenter of the Year, the 1999 International IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year, a National and World Aerobic Champion, a 361 sponsored athlete, and a five star presenter for IDEA.

Mindy is an advisory board member for Oxygen Magazine, an international presenter, author, motivational speaker, video personality, and CEC provider for both ACE and AFAA.

Mindy is the creator and lead talent behind Gliding , Tabata Bootcamp, and the non profit One Day to Wellness. She is a master trainer and on the pro development team for Schwinn Cycling, Body Bar, and Bosu. 

Mindy is the creator of She has authored numerous articles and stars in over 500 instructional videos

Mindy is the mother of three boys, has been married for 37 years, and lives in a fruit and veggie covered RV traveling worldwide with her husband spreading the wellness word.

101 Ways to Easily Transition to a Plant Based Diet

Plant-based foods have been proven to prevent or reduce the risk of chronic disease. However, making the transition to this type of diet can be an overwhelming obstacle. Armed with the latest research in behavioral change and nutrition, Bruce has jam packed this lecture with simple behavioral change strategies and nutritional tips to help your clients overcome their negative dietary habits and transition to a healthier lifestyle.


1. Uncover the research and science behind the reasons why a whole food plant based diet is the best diet for longevity, disease prevention, and sustained weight loss.

2. Learn tips and tricks to easily transition to including more plant based foods into your meals.

3. Dispel the myths and misconceptions that we “hear” and arm yourself with where to find the information with is rooted in science and research.


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