Mindy Mylrea

Mindy Mylrea

About Mindy Mylrea

Mindy Mylrea is the 2017 LifeTime acheivement Award Winner for CanFitPro, 2016 Empower Instructor of the Year, 2015 PFP Trainer of the Year. 2015 International Presenter of the Year, 2013 CanFitPro Specialty Presenter of the Year, 2008 ECA OBOW Fitness Presenter of the Year, the 2004 Can Fit Pro International Presenter of the Year, the 1999 International IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year, a National and World Aerobic Champion, a 361 sponsored athlete, and a five star presenter for IDEA.

Mindy is an advisory board member for Oxygen Magazine, an international presenter, author, motivational speaker, video personality, and CEC provider for both ACE and AFAA.

Mindy is the creator and lead talent behind Gliding , Tabata Bootcamp, and the non profit One Day to Wellness. She is a master trainer and on the pro development team for Schwinn Cycling, Body Bar, and Bosu. 

Mindy is the creator of She has authored numerous articles and stars in over 500 instructional videos

Mindy is the mother of three boys, has been married for 37 years, and lives in a fruit and veggie covered RV
traevling worldwide with her husband spreading the wellness word.

Fluid Strength - The Shift

Fluid Strength is miraculous movement that matters with integrated, challenging patterns of flowing perfection. Gain strength while challenging balance, coordination, and power. Each sequenced pattern offers progressions and regressions for every fitness level and combinations that grow from a solid base but has endless possibilities. Being a Fluid Strength instructor allows you the opportunity to go beyond traditional choreography linking movement to your mind and exploring all possibilities that the body has to offer.


1. Integrate fluid functional strength training movement patterns into any training routine

2. Learn Progressions and regressions that make sense for every fitness level

3. Experience all three planes of movement woven together to offer variations of movement patterns that carry over and enhance into everyday life


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