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Nick Lambe

About Nick Lambe

Nick Lambe is a long-time coach and educator in the industry who specializes in helping fitness professionals implement health first principles to improve impact. Notably in this approach is a focus on sleep and recovery. Nick is a Clinical Sleep Health Educator and created the comprehensive Sleep & Recovery Coaching Certification. A course that provides a practical framework for improving clients' and recovery while maintaining scope of practice. Partnerships with Nick's work and course include: The US Marines, The US Olympic Committee, and Google. Nick has also hosted numerous industry educational events including the annual Recovery & Sleep Summit. Other credentials include: CBT-Insomnia trained, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Health Coach, and Medical Exercise Specialist

Introducing Circadian Biology: Why Timing Matters in Health & Performance

Circadian biology is an evolving field where the relationship between circadian clocks and health outcomes are becoming more understood every day. There are many practical insights for us as coaches and fit professionals as they relate to health, performance, body composition and more. Understanding how these rhythms operate and how to synchronize key lifestyle variables will become key for successful coaches of the future


1. Provide a practical breakdown of circadian anatomy & physiology

2. Discuss the genetic implications of circadian timing

3. Review key coaching strategies around the circadian levers or environmental/lifestyle timing cues


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