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Nick Lambe

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Nick Lambe is a long-time coach and educator in the industry who specializes in helping fitness professionals implement health first principles to improve impact. Notably in this approach is a focus on sleep and recovery. Nick is a Clinical Sleep Health Educator and created the comprehensive Sleep & Recovery Coaching Certification. A course that provides a practical framework for improving clients' and recovery while maintaining scope of practice. Partnerships with Nick's work and course include: The US Marines, The US Olympic Committee, and Google. Nick has also hosted numerous industry educational events including the annual Recovery & Sleep Summit. Other credentials include: CBT-Insomnia trained, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Health Coach, and Medical Exercise Specialist

Don't Sleep On Sleep: A Practical Coaching Framework for the Aging Population

Sleep is often mentioned in the triad of optimal health alongside exercise and nutrition. However, the reality is that sleep takes a massive backseat to the other variables in our coaching process. This leaves a tremendous opportunity on the table on two fronts: better client results and an ability to help a struggling and massively underserved population. With regards to client results, the roadmap to success is providing a stimulus (i.e. exercise) that the client will be forced to recover and adapt from, in turn improving health and fitness. However, without quality and optimal sleep, we completely miss out on this adaptation process, in turn leaving results behind every time. The next point lies in the sheer amount of individuals struggling with sleep, estimated to be half of the population depending on the criteria you use to define sleep issues. The sad reality for these individuals is that outside of the only 7500 sleep physicians available, the remaining options are sleeping pills with adverse health risks, hygiene lists that are not individual, or products that over promise. Many sleep issues are behavioral in nature, meaning there is an incredible opportunity for coaches to fill the void for those who struggle. This talk will provide a framework for doing just that.


1. Understand the relationship between sleep, recovery, and adaptation as they relate to common client goals, as well understand the common sleep struggles amongst the aging population

2. Implement a practical framework to assess and screen for red flags within sleep for aging clients

3. Introduce a coaching system alongside practical strategies that can be implemented right away


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