Paul Holbrook

Paul Holbrook

About Paul Holbrook

In 2005, Paul founded Age Performance, where he continues to develop comprehensive training programs to improve the physical function of adults over 50, specializing in speed and power development. In his 30-year-and-counting career, Paul has over 70,000 personal training hours. Paul has a masters degree in gerontology, sits on the advisory board of the Huntsman World Senior Games and the Functional Aging Institute. He currently medals at Senior Games in the 50M, 100M, 200M and the 400M.

Train Faster - Age Better: Implementing Speed and Power

This workshop will examine the power-driven pathway to age-associated disability. In addition, this workshop will examine what causes movement rigidity as a result of the loss of the type II muscle fiber. Participants will engage in a series of speed and power exercises to implement into their own practice. A highlight of the workshop will be an understanding that speed training for older adults is, “the tide that lifts all boats,” in addition to the 15 rules of speed training for older adults.


1 - Attendees will learn that speed and power training for older adults is more important than strength training.

2 - Attendees will learn the dynamic between Type I and Type II muscle fiber and it’s relation to dysfunction.

3 - Attendees will learn how to implement more speed and power into their own program safely and effectively.

4 - Attendees will have a clear understanding of the barriers that hinder an older adult's ability to move with speed and power


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