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I Feel the Need - The Need for Speed!

Speed may be as important, if not more important, than strength as we get older. We'll look at why we have been stuck in using the traditional slow methods of training that only exacerbates the use of Type I muscle fibers and virtually ignores training the more powerful Type II muscle fibers which are preferentially lost during the aging process. A brief descripton of the latest research on the matter will be given with a focus on several key studies. A majority of the time will be spent conducting "sprint drills" such as A skips, B skips, Primetimes, Arm Swings, Standing and Sitting Starts, and others. Why sprint drills? Almost everyone can do them and they are highly effective at improving movement speed.. We will discuss where speed training fits in programming, how quality is better than quantity and how strength is also gained as a result.


1. Describe the importance of and potential benefits of speed training as a component of functional training for older adults.

2. Perform sprint drills correctly and use effective cueing methods to teach the drills to older clients who are at different functional levels.

3. Identify how to integrate speed training into your current programming


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