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Phil Kaplan

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Phil Kaplan began his fitness career as a fitness trainer in 1978 with a desire to help people better their lives through exercise. His evolution has led him through virtually every element of the health and fitness field, from health club operator and owner to author, speaker, and media personality. Personal Fitness Professional Magazine granted him their first ever Lifetime Achievement Award. Today, aligned with the Medical Fitness Network, he’s taken on the mission of empowering medical professionals and consumers alike to gain control of their health, reverse chronic disease, and restore the body’s innate healing powers with specialized exercise and eating interventions. He tirelessly works to share vital truths in an industry where misinformation and confusion abound.

The Space Between Fitness and Medicine - The New Blue Ocean

We are at an amazing crossroads in time. Modern medicine is rife with innovations, from genetic exploration to stem cell therapies. As pharmaceutical discoveries flood the marketplace and research reveals novel strategies for battling pathogens and extending human life, chronic disease continues to tap the bar of “all-time high.” As the mainstream seeks allopathic solutions, the resurgence of age-old approaches involving mind, spirit, and Eastern philosophies gains new footing and recognition. Perhaps the single area most promising in hope of bringing all invaluable elements together and controlling and ultimately reversing the chronic disease epidemic is the area separated from medicine, isolated as “fitness.” There exists a definitive space between the boundaries of conventional medicine and the “scope” of the personal trainer, and a thorough exploration of science can only reveal the value of using exercise, lifestyle, and nutritional strategies to not only prevent, but reverse chronic disease. There is a clear need to drawing a conduit between fitness and the medical field, ultimately filling the chasm in between with a new breed of practitioner.


1. Understand how a template of chronic disease can empower specialized agents in the fitness field to become the pivotal force in “cure” and assume positions of respect and profitability.

2. Identify six concerns that must be integrated into the personal trainer scope of practice if the two fields, fitness and medicine, are going to co-operate for optimal benefit to the unwell population.

3. See a new or modified career path integrating their innate and developed fitness passion with the greatest need our population struggles with.


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