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AM Pre-Conference Sessions

Biopsychosocial Influences in Chronic Pain & Movement Longevity
with Emily Splichal

(8:30 am - 12:30 pm)


Emily Splichal

Human beings are very complex with each client presentation uniquely personal. From anatomy and physiology to emotional regulation and interpersonal relationships, all aspects of our emotions and environments must be considered when approaching movement dysfunction and chronic pain. Join Dr Emily as she explores the concept of the biopsychosocial method and how the science of emotions, stress and interoception can directly influence client training outcomes. This four hour workshop will challenge many mainstream paradigms and bring light to the power of mind body connections and the future of emotional influences in fitness training. Hands on skills will be included in this workshop!

PM Pre-Conference Sessions


Best Corrective & Resistance Exercises for Common Joint Problems
with Robert Linkul and Dr. Evan Osar

(1:30 pm - 5:30 pm)


In this four-hour Pre Con, Dr. Evan Osar (author of Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunction) and Robert Linkul (developer of have collaborated to bring you real- world strategies for effectively assessing and safely training the older adult. You will learn how to easily assess and use the most appropriate corrective exercises to address common issues associated with the low back/hip, knee/ankle/foot, and shoulder/elbow, wrist and hand complexes. Additionally, you will discover how to modify and progress resistance training exercises to effectively and safely address common orthopedic limitations. You will leave with Dr. Osar’s and Robert’s most valuable step-by-step progressions that YOU can instantly plug into your current programs to improve your older adult’s quality of life.

Intro to Tai Chi
with Dianne Bailey

(1:30 pm - 3:30 pm)


Dianne Bailey

Are you curious about Tai Chi, but feel intimidated because of the "mystique" of this gentle martial art? Join us for this introduction to what Tai Chi is all about. You will learn the history, the benefits and some of the movements of the Yang style of Tai Chi. You will be able to experience just how easy it is to learn and how this gentle martial art can help your clients.

Brains and Balance Masterclass
with Ryan Glatt and Dr. Christian Thompson

(1:30 pm - 5:30 pm)


Falls and cognitive decline continue to be the two largest issues affecting the aging adult. Exercise programs fail to comprehensively combine principles for address both brain health and balance effectively, and are often applied incorrectly due to confusion, complexity and a lack of awareness of the latest research. Join two leading experts, Dr. Christian Thompson and Ryan Glatt, in identifying the major components of brain health and balance, how they are affected by aging, considerations for neurological conditions, and what practical programming strategies you can immediately apply to slow the two most aggressive “aging curves” that we face.

Tai Chi Master class for certified instructors
with Dianne Bailey

(3:30 pm - 4:30 pm)


Dianne Bailey

Challenge yourself to go a little deeper with your Tai Chi. You will be able to get direct feedback on your form from Dianne and get ideas to enhance your teaching. We will focus on the short form, but will also cover part of the long form.

All Day Pre-Conference Session

One Day to Wellness
with Bruce & Mindy Mylrea

(8:00 am - 5:00 pm)


Screenshot 2019-09-30 11.04.35

One Day to Wellness Express - Plant based nutrition for sustained health and weight loss From the World Health Organization to Kaiser Permanente, global experts agree: The balance of scientific evidence suggests the healthiest way to eat is a diet of whole plant foods discouraging meat, dairy products, eggs, and all refined processed foods. Leveraging the lessons of the healthiest and longest lived people on the planet, we have incorporated plant-based nutrition, mindfulness, movement, along with simple behavioral change strategies into a dynamic and life changing nine hour certification. This program offers everything you need to advance your evidence-based wellness career. We provide you with the tools you need to assist yourself and others to "Lean to the Green". Whether your goal is weight loss, longevity, enhanced athletic performance or all of the above this is the program for you. One Day to Wellness not only provides this life changing day but also all the back end support you need to thrive in your own life as well as help others live their best life.

One Day to Wellness is a comprehensive wellness course encompassing all the latest and greatest in behavioral change research, eating strategies for sustained success, mindful and productive goal setting, This 5 hour course will have you diving deeply into the wellness continuum through nutrition, fitness, meditation, and life balance. This course is for fitness, nutrition , and wellness coaches wanting to assist their clients with all the latest coaching and motivational tools as well as anyone who needs that infusion of life transforming energy. As a One Day to Wellness coach you will have all the resources you need to offer worksheets, assessment, application, and one hour lectures to include in your tool box for recruitment and retention. This program is also for EVERYONE wanting to learn the truth about nutrition and how to thrive Bruce and Mindy Mylrea have been coaching and teaching for over 35 years touches thousands of lives. Bruce is a holistic nutritionist armed with exciting recipes, meal plans and a nutrition continuum that will surely lead to making successful choices for health, balance, and empowerment. Mindy’s knowledge of fitness, movement, and her ability to make everything a joy allows her to lead from the heart and soul. She will provide you with all the tricks and toys you need to no longer work out but work in.

Certification includes:
Tote bag
Food Samples
Cooking Demos
Special Gift
Customized action plan
Membership to Coaches Corner to all back end support including downloads,
workouts, PDFs, video recipes
CECs .9 ACE, 9.0 AFAA, .9 NASM, 4.0 CFP, 9.0 SCW


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