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AM Pre-Conference Sessions


Balance and Mobility Exercises
with Christian Thompson

Biopsychosocial Influences in Chronic Pain & Movement Longevity
with Emily Splichal


Christian Thompson
Emily Splichal

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Human beings are very complex with each client presentation uniquely personal. From anatomy and physiology to emotional regulation and interpersonal relationships, all aspects of our emotions and environments must be considered when approaching movement dysfunction and chronic pain. Join Dr Emily as she explores the concept of the biopsychosocial method and how the science of emotions, stress and interoception can directly influence client training outcomes. This four hour workshop will challenge many mainstream paradigms and bring light to the power of mind body connections and the future of emotional influences in fitness training. Hands on skills will be included in this workshop!

PM Pre-Conference Sessions


Corrective Strengthening Solution for the Hip, Knee, and Ankle-foot Complex: The New Rules for Improving Posture, Balance, and Performance

with Dr. Evan Osar

Dr. Osar Headshot

If you work with the Actively Aging clientele – baby boomers and seniors – you recognize that osteoarthritis, joint replacements, and balance/walking issues severely impact their quality of life as well as overall health. In this interactive session, you will discover the most common reasons for joint, balance, and walking issues in older adults. You will discover the best assessments and most effective corrective exercises for improving stability, mobility, and balance in your clients with osteoarthritis, joint replacements, and balance issues. Additionally, you will leave this workshop the most effective strengthening exercises and progressions for the hip, knee, and foot. You will leave the day with the ability to create both immediate and long-term changes in your client’s posture, balance, and walking

Intro to Tai Chi

with Dianne Bailey

(1:30 pm - 3:30 pm)


Dianne Bailey

Are you curious about Tai Chi, but feel intimidated because of the "mystique" of this gentle martial art? Join us for this introduction to what Tai Chi is all about. You will learn the history, the benefits and some of the movements of the Yang style of Tai Chi. You will be able to experience just how easy it is to learn and how this gentle martial art can help your clients.

Brain Health Trainer
with Ryan Glatt

Ryan Glatt

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Tai Chi Master class for certified instructors
with Dianne Bailey

(3:30 pm - 4:30 pm)


Dianne Bailey

Challenge yourself to go a little deeper with your Tai Chi. You will be able to get direct feedback on your form from Dianne and get ideas to enhance your teaching. We will focus on the short form, but will also cover part of the long form.

All Day Pre-Conference Session

One Day to Wellness
with Bruce & Mindy Mylrea


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