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Biopsychosocial Influences in Chronic Pain & Movement Longevity
with Emily Splichal

(10:00 am - 2:30 pm)


Emily Splichal

Human beings are very complex with each client presentation uniquely personal. From anatomy and physiology to emotional regulation and interpersonal relationships, all aspects of our emotions and environments must be considered when approaching movement dysfunction and chronic pain. Join Dr Emily as she explores the concept of the biopsychosocial method and how the science of emotions, stress and interoception can directly influence client training outcomes. This four hour workshop will challenge many mainstream paradigms and bring light to the power of mind body connections and the future of emotional influences in fitness training. Hands on skills will be included in this workshop!

PM Pre-Conference Sessions


Best Corrective & Resistance Exercises for Common Joint Problems
with Robert Linkul and Dr. Evan Osar

(2:30 pm - 6:30 pm eastern)


In this four-hour Pre Con, Dr. Evan Osar (author of Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunction) and Robert Linkul (developer of have collaborated to bring you real- world strategies for effectively assessing and safely training the older adult. You will learn how to easily assess and use the most appropriate corrective exercises to address common issues associated with the low back/hip, knee/ankle/foot, and shoulder/elbow, wrist and hand complexes. Additionally, you will discover how to modify and progress resistance training exercises to effectively and safely address common orthopedic limitations. You will leave with Dr. Osar’s and Robert’s most valuable step-by-step progressions that YOU can instantly plug into your current programs to improve your older adult’s quality of life.

Brains and Balance Masterclass
with Ryan Glatt and Dr. Christian Thompson

(2:30 pm - 6:30 pm)


Falls and cognitive decline continue to be the two largest issues affecting the aging adult. Exercise programs fail to comprehensively combine principles for address both brain health and balance effectively, and are often applied incorrectly due to confusion, complexity and a lack of awareness of the latest research. Join two leading experts, Dr. Christian Thompson and Ryan Glatt, in identifying the major components of brain health and balance, how they are affected by aging, considerations for neurological conditions, and what practical programming strategies you can immediately apply to slow the two most aggressive “aging curves” that we face.


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