Rachel Prairie

Rachel Prarie

About Rachel Prairie

As Manager of Personal Training Operations for Anytime Fitness, Rachel’s main area of focus is coaching operations, designing programs for 5k clubs around the world, trainer education, and continuing to improve the coach-client experience. Rachel has also operated Prairie Fitness, hosting heart-centered wellness retreats, kettlebell certifications, breathing instruction, and localized pop-up fitness sessions and education for over 15 years.

7 Kettlebell Exercises for 55+ Clients

Using kettlebell exercises for active aging clients can be highly effective at improving health, fitness, and wellbeing. Regular kettlebell training can improve balance, strength, your metabolism, help with fat loss, and confidence. We’ll cover 7 movements with one bell; come dressed to move!


1. How and why to incorporate Kettlebells into your program

2. How to regress or progress 7 movements that are focused on balance and strength

3. Partner learning – hands on practice


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