Rachel Prairie

Rachel Prarie

About Rachel Prairie

Global Manager of Exercise Programming for Self Esteem Brands – Anytime Fitness the largest fitness franchise in the world. Rachel is a Certified Functional Aging Specialist as well as Pain-Free Performance Specialist and Master Kettlebell Coach with 15 years of helping people get healthy and happy!

How to get your clients to move better with Kettlebells

Intro to kettlebell course designed to support your clients in learning how to be strong and ballistic. We’ll break down the science, warm-up, movements and how to progress or regress them for your active aging clients. Kettlebells are a powerful tool that your clients will love using and can do anywhere!


1. Functional Aging Training Model 7 Key Principles

2. Apply 6 physical functions: mobility, emotional, neuro, muscular, cardio, balance to workouts

3. Put it all together: Roll call, pre-work mobility drills, warm-up, workout, game, mobility


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