Rick Mayo

Rick Mayo

About Rick Mayo

Rick Mayo is the founder and CEO of Alloy Personal Training, est 1992. Rick and his team have licensed the Alloy training systems to over 2,500 clubs worldwide. Alloy has recently pivoted to a full franchise model to better serve our communities and owners. Rick is a featured speaker at conferences domestically and internationally, speaking on how to best run service based businesses, leadership and create an amazing customer experience. He has written numerous articles on the business of fitness for trade journals and contributes regularly to national publications such as Men’s Health. Rick sits on the board for the GA State exercise science department as well as the Association of Fitness Studios. Rick is also an NSCA certified personal trainer and has also been elected to the Industry Board of Advisors for the American Council on Exercise.

Boomer Business

The 50+ population now holds over 70% of the nation’s disposable income. Also, this segment of the population is drastically under served in the fitness space. This means that there is a massive opportunity for anyone who chooses to focus on the 50+ crowd! I am going to break down our 31 years of experience and why we feel like this is the best option for the fitness business, how to approach and service this specific group, and help you to identify exactly what this specific population needs from a fitness business.


Objectives coming soon!


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