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About Robert Linkul

Robert Linkul is the owner of Be STRONGER Fitness, a personal training studio for older adults in Sacramento, California and the owner of, an online continued education provider for fitness professionals. Robert is an internationally known presenter known for his teachings on resistance training strategies for the Older Adult with physical limitations and/or a decreased quality of life. Linkul has his master’s degree in sports science with an emphasis in personal training, is the NSCA's 2012 Personal Trainer of the Year award winner and a 2017 NSCA Fellowship inductee.

Overcome Sarcopenia: 8 Lifts that Maximize Strength and Function

Sarcopenia affects upwards of 50% of the US population over the age of 50. Due to the loss of muscle mass these individuals are also losing their ability to perform daily life functions like sit-to-stands, reaching overhead, transferring (gait), picking up load and more. In this session Robert will introduce you to a anti-sarcopenia strength training strategy and eight lifts that will help your clients maximize their strength, joint stability, and power production. Improvements in these three areas will increase your clients ability to perform their daily life functions at a high level and ultimately keep them from becoming part of that 50% sarcopenia statistic!


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