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About Robert Linkul

Robert Linkul is the owner of Be STRONGER Fitness, a personal training studio for older adults in Sacramento, California and the owner of, an online continued education provider for fitness professionals. Robert is an internationally known presenter known for his teachings on resistance training strategies for the Older Adult with physical limitations and/or a decreased quality of life. Linkul has his master’s degree in sports science with an emphasis in personal training, is the NSCA's 2012 Personal Trainer of the Year award winner and a 2017 NSCA Fellowship inductee.

Resistance Training Techniques for Those with Arthritis

In this session Robert Linkul will provide an overview of arthritis, its effects on the human body and how resistance training can be a MAJOR force for improving a person’s quality of life. Research has shown that resistance training can reduce up to 40% of pain and discomfort in those who participate in it on a regular basis. Robert will introduce his strategies for resistance training with arthritis and walk you thought specific postural adjustments, manipulation of joint angles, resistances variations (consistent load, progressive resistance, etc.) and the suggestion of a few select pieces of equipment that will assist those participating in resistance training with a greatly likelihood for comfort and success.


1. Delegates will learn the benefits of resistance training for those with arthritis.

2. Delegates will learn resistance training strategies that are capable of improving their client’s quality of life by reducing their pain levels and increasing their bodies overall functionality.

3. Delegates will learn the cues, progressions and regressions to the featured exercises and how they can be implemented to make the greatest impact on their clients.


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