Ryan Glatt

Ryan Glatt

About Ryan Glatt

Ryan Glatt is a personal trainer and brain-health coach with over a decade of experience. He currently practices brain-based strategies for cognitive enhancement at the Pacific Brain Health Center in Los Angeles.

Ryan has pursued education from the Amen Clinics, the Neuroscience Academy, Academy for Brain Health & Performance, and the Master's of Applied Neuroscience program at King's College of London.

Recently, Ryan has released the Brain Health Trainer course, which is the first comprehensive course to be released on the topic of brain health and exercise.

Boosting the Brain with Cognitive Tasks: Dual-Tasking Principles and Applications

Exercise programs are often developed in response to goals that pertain to physical adaptations, such as weight loss, mobility, balance, hypertrophy, performance, and more. However, health and fitness professionals are now faced with a new challenge; addressing the epidemic of cognitive decline and accelerated brain aging. Health professionals recognize the beneficial effects that exercise can have but have not yet been able to develop target, effective exercise and activity programs created for the sake of cognitive and brain health. In addition, fitness professionals have not been educated on the specific exercise prescriptions for enhancing cognitive functioning across the lifespan, including techniques around enhancing facilitated exercise sessions with cognitive demands. This session will aim to identify how these gaps can be filled, and allow health and fitness professionals to understand how it can become possible to train the body and brain for optimal cognitive performance.


1. Learn the definitions of dual-tasking and how they can improve both functional and cognitive outcomes

2. Identify the neurobiological mechanisms involved in dual-task exercise

3. Apply cognitive-motor dual-tasking techniques to various functional exercises as they relate to targeting specific domains of cognition


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