Ryan Glatt

Ryan Glatt

About Ryan Glatt

Ryan Glatt is a personal trainer and board-certified health coach with a specialty focus in brain health with over a decade of experience. He currently works alongside clinicians and researchers to implement cognitively-enhanced and comprehensive exercise & lifestyle interventions at the Pacific Brain Health Center in Santa Monica, California. Ryan has pursued education from the Amen Clinics, The BrainFirst Training Institute, the Neuroscience Academy, the Academy for Brain Health & Performance, and the Masters of Applied Neuroscience program at King's College of London. He is currently enrolled in the Ph.D. in Leadership: Health and Human Performance Program at Concordia University of Chicago. Additionally, he educates health & fitness professionals with the first course to comprehensively address exercise and the brain called the Brain Health Trainer course.

Your Brain on Exercise

Health and fitness professionals have the opportunity to join allied health professionals in addressing the major epidemic of cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases, such as dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Although exercise has been proven to be beneficial to brain health and cognitive functioning, the precise exercise prescriptions are not clear to the general public or the industries of health and fitness. This has led to further confusion and leaves clients, patients, and caregivers wondering if they are doing all that is possible to stave off cognitive decline. This pre-con will review the research on how certain modalities of exercise can deferentially affect the brain, and provide an initial framework for the assessment and programming of cognitive health within exercise programs


1. Describe how cardiovascular, resistance, motor, multicomponent and dual-task training exercise types can benefit the brain

2. Apply exercise programming strategies for both specific and general brain health outcomes

3. Identify the neurobiological mechanisms in which the brain benefits from exercise


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