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About Sarah Apgar

Sarah Apgar is the Inventor of the Steelhose®, Founder of FitFighter®, Army Veteran, Firefighter, Shark Tank success, fitness professional, mom of 2 little girls, and high octane Public Speaker.

FitFighter® is reinventing loading and lifting with its Steelhose® imbalanced strength and mobility system originally designed for tactical athletes and now adapted for the general public aged 8-80. Sarah and FitFighter® have been featured as industry disruptors in Rolling Stone, Men's Health, Muscle and Fitness, Fox and Friends, Oxygen, and the ESPN Women and Sports Summit.

Sarah holds a BA from Princeton University and MBA from the Tuck School of Business and is a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer. Passionate about developing lifelong strength in every person, Sarah educates coaches, physical therapists, and the medical community on the importance of imbalanced resistance training and its connection to grip strength, trunk stability, and joint mobility, which are biomarkers of long term health.

All-In-One: Strength, Power, Conditioning, & Mobility with 30 Minutes of Continuous Movement

Experience the newest approach to building stability, grip strength, balance and joint mobility using continuous loaded movements that span across disciplines that we often silo — strength, mobility, power, conditioning, activation, and so on. We can get the benefits all-in-one!

Copious research shows us that imbalanced weight loads are superior to static loads and hard steel, and that we don’t need heavy weight to build the best and most impactful kinds of strength! Kick off the weekend by finding out how with Sarah Apgar, Founder and CEO of FitFighter.




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